The Sidewalk


A night hadn’t ever felt as dark and silent as tonight, neither had a mist looked as impenetrable. I literally couldn’t see more than two feet ahead. It seemed like a scene from a horror book, and somehow, I even felt scared.

I had walked this road before through misty and clear weather but never had I felt as fearful. It felt as if some evil lurked right behind the mist, ready to jump at me at the drop of a hat.

I was probably letting my imagination run wild. There was nothing to fear out there except the shapes my mind formed out of the mist.

As I was thinking this, I heard a thud, and I snapped. I began running as fast as I could, and I ran till it felt as if my lungs were on fire and my legs were jelly. I fell on my knees as soon as I stopped, tired and wheezing like an asthma patient. It was then that I noticed I was on the road, not the sidewalk.

But before I could move, I heard an ear-splitting honk and the bright yellow shape of a large vehicle came hurling towards me.


Lost Souls


Lost souls one day do return home,
and fallen leaves go back to the soil.
Broken dreams are healed in another’s existence,
and the completion of something valuable,
even death cannot deny.

Dried lands become green again,
and the rivers once again become ice.
A burned down forest rises anew,
and half kept promises do get completed,
with the eternal cycle of time.

Mountains one day do become plains,
and sunken islands do rise.
Loveless hearts love once more
and invisible scars on the mind,
are healed either in death or in life.

And lost souls one day do return home,
their return, not even death can deny.

The Gifts of Life


Of all the comfortable things life provided me,
it provided me with the assurance that we two,
will on some lonely night meet again.
We would greet again, together eat again,
and love like we had never left.

Of all the wonderful things that life showed me,
it showed me the promise of a future bright,
where the two of us besides a riviera,
would live, have kids, and catch-up on,
each other’s bygone life.

But in the end, I did realise
That life was horrible and full of vice.
And of all the horrible things that life did,
the most was to make you break your promise.

The Night


For what it was worth,
wrong or right.
For what it deserved,
strength and might.
I for one despite,
my age, my wisdom, my spite,
deserve none of you,
in morn, dusk or night.

For you are water kissing the sun,
and I am the sand sprinkled beneath the sea,
I don’t deserve the light that you reflect,
the light that you reflect for me.

You are the sun grazing the planets,
shining on your selfless light,
and I am the moon that is not worthy of it,
so I don’t keep but pass on your light.

You are the wind that pervades this earth,
makes it whole and makes it bright,
and I am the tree that bends and breaks,
under the touch of your kindness’ might.

For I don’t deserve all of you,
neither most nor some of you.
I am the one who deserves your absence,
Cause your presence I never treated anew.
For you are the radiance, you are the light,
the kindness of hearts, the strength of minds,
And I am the shame, I am the devil’s spite,
I am the fallen, I am your absence, the night.

Drops of Rain


As the first drop of rain falls,
I can only start to think again,
That life can begin in May again.

The dust in my eyes is washed off,
the lust in my soul too.
The love in my heart, still unrewarded,
again joyously yearns for you.

Blooms my mind with thoughts,
When that first rain hits the earth,
Of unfinished dreams and a life,
That begs to be lived uncompromised.

The air cools all around,
And takes my mind to that wonderful place,
Where there are thoughts of home,
And people waiting for me unrestrained.

The petrichor then hits me,
Makes me once again realise.
That there might not be time left,
Even to live a life half satisfied.

But, as the last drop of rain falls,
I can only start to think again,
That maybe, just maybe,
life can begin in death again.

Memories Blurred


You evoke feelings that I thought
In time I had somewhere lost.
But why can’t I seem to remember,
Having met you in some previous time?

Do you exist or like a mist you are,
There but not there at the same time.
Cause I remember reaching out for you,
But I do not remember ever reaching.

A fleeting glance of you remains there,
Deep within the recesses of my mind.
But despite everyone telling me otherwise,
Why can’t I remember more of you?

Your smell still lingers here,
Like a lily plucked fresh from a garden.
But were you really here besides me,
Or was my mind playing with me again.

You are a mist I firmly believe now,
A mist that is always around me.
But the more I reach out for that mist,
The more it seems to not exist.

The Lady and the Knight


The daughter of the generous lord,
is a lady pretty and kind.
The daughter of the mighty lord,
is a person hard to find.

She has friends numbering in thousands,
some are black, while some are white.
And one such friend is a person,
who is one of the king’s knight.

Be it war or be it peace,
the knight would stay in touch with her.
And when there was a crease in between,
he would always mend ways with her.

The lady considered him to be sweet,
and as gentle as a dove.
But till when could he be content with it,
so soon his friendship turned into love.

He told the lady all about,
the feelings that his heart bore.
But she didn’t respond to his feelings,
instead her happy nature turned sore.

Her answer was ‘no’ all along,
but she couldn’t let the knight know.
Because she feared that his fragile heart,
might just break into pieces two.

With hope he daily wrote her letters,
asking for her approval.
Then one fine day, one such letter,
reached the lord instead of the daughter.

The lady cried and plead for the knight,
but with the lord’s wrath those were met.
For loving someone of a higher social status,
the knight was sentenced to death.

With the lady’s name on his lips,
he bravely walked towards the guillotine.
He wanted to see her one final time,
but nowhere was his beloved seen.

His head was placed on the slab,
the blade was ready to rip.
It was then that he saw his love,
and a content smile crossed his lips.

In the final moments of his life,
he did not think about his teen.
Instead he thought of his lady,
before the drop of the guillotine.

Us and Them


Sam and I moved along the trenches. Last night’s heavy rain had made the ground extremely difficult to walk upon. Every now and then we would slip or our feet would get stuck somewhere, but this wasn’t even the most troublesome part. Once in a while our feet would step on or trip on dead bodies, sometimes we even fell down on the top of bodies. The stench that invaded our nostrils then nearly choked us, made us want to throw up, but we hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning, what would we throw up?Despite all this, Sam and I continued to hurry along the trenches, without any light. We moved along in the utter darkness. But more than this darkness, the dead bodies strewn all around us or the mud, what discomforted us the most was the silence, the ‘pin-drop’ silence. We were in the middle of a war, in the middle of a place where just till this evening, a terrible battle was being waged, a battle which was guaranteed to drag for a few days. Yet, now there was nothing but silence. Had everyone died off so quickly or a ceasefire had been initiated?

“Something’s terribly wrong, Mark.” I heard Sam’s voice between his heavy intakes of breath.

I knew something was terribly wrong, but how was I supposed to respond to this statement of his? With speculation? I didn’t care for all that stuff, not anymore. There was too much going on right now on the continent, for anyone to even make a remotely correct speculation. And so, Sam and I continued moving in the darkness, in the silence.

There had been eight of us who had been sent behind enemy lines this morning, to take out some mortar posts of the enemy. We had taken out the first one with little difficulty. Sam decided then that we must use this mortar to take out the other sites, while a few of us would go to another site, making our work shorter and our return to the warmth of our bunkers that much quicker. We all had agreed. I and another soldier, Philips, stayed with Sam to control the mortar while the others leapt out of the trench to approach the next one, only to be instantly cut down by machine gun fire.

A faraway sound of a machine gun brought me back to reality.

“Is it us or them?” Sam asked.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” I replied to him, irritated at him for asking these stupid questions.

“We must find out because that is the direction we are heading towards. And if those are our friends, then I don’t want to get killed just because we were wearing the enemy’s uniform.”

Surrounded by the enemy forces, we had decided that to survive in that mortar site we would have to wear the uniform of the enemy. And so we had exchanged our uniform with those of the dead enemy soldiers.

“How are we going to find out who it is?” Sam asked again.

Nearly shouting, I replied, “If the machine gun is on the right of us, then it’s them and if it’s on the left then it’s us. And if it’s ours, then we would shout out our regimental details so that they don’t fire at us looking at our uniform.”

It was not that I was frustrated with the war, no. I was simply frustrated at what Sam had earlier done. After the incident of the mortar site and the exchange of uniforms, the three of us had been making our way towards one of our trenches. And we had nearly reached one when Sam in his excitement unpinned one of his grenades. Whether it was done deliberately or by mistake I don’t know. But by the time Sam was able to get it out of his pocket and throw it away, it was too late. The grenade burst in front of Philips’ face, showering the surrounding with his blood and brains, and threw Sam and me off our feet and knocked us out cold. When we woke up, we were greeted by this silent and dark world.

We were walking in the direction of the machine gun fire, which still seemed far-off when we saw a flare light up ahead in the sky. The flare didn’t manage to light up our surrounding, but it did reveal to us soldiers moving about up ahead. But which soldiers those were, I don’t know.

“It’s a search party! Colonel Higgs was telling us that he would send out search parties tonight. Those are our people, we are saved!” Sam shouted and began running towards the flare.

I for one couldn’t make out who those soldiers were neither did I remember colonel Higgs saying anything and right now when we were so close to returning home, I didn’t want to commit a mistake that would get me killed. So, I ran after Sam, to subdue him.

The flare was gone by the time I caught up with him and tackled him down on the mud.

“Just shut up!” I said to him and punched him in the face. It was an involuntary action, there was nothing I thought about it.

But Sam in retaliation punched me in the gut and began screaming out his regimental details. Suddenly, a madness took hold of me and all the irritation and anger I had for Sam, came out. I grabbed his head by the hair and began mercilessly punching it, all the while saying,

“Just shut up! I don’t want to die because of a foolish mistake of yours.”

I continued punching his face long after his body stopped squirming. I continued punching his face long after its hard features had become pulpy. I only stopped when another flare lit up in the sky, this time right above my position. And I didn’t stop because I saw the mess I had beaten Sam’s face into, I stopped because standing in front of me was one of our soldiers, a soldier who was seeing a man clad in the enemy’s uniform, a soldier who had just seen a man beat another to death.

Before I could speak out anything, he fired a volley straight at my head.

The Battle of Kurzgesagt


Headlong they charged,
headlong they fell,
but headlong they charged again.

Firmly we stood,
firmly we were battered,
yet firmly we rose again.

They decimated our knights,
they smashed our infantry,
they destroyed our war machines.

We decapitated their commander,
we captured their prince,
we ran back into the misty woods.

They burned the trees,
they forded the rivers,
they chased us like wild dogs.

We ran like hell,
we went far ahead of them,
until we reached a sheer grey cliff.

They surrounded us there,
they threatened us with death,
if they did not get their prince back.

We complied with their demand,
we beheaded their prince,
and we threw his head towards them.

They vowed to drink our blood,
they made their battle formation,
they prepared to charge against us.

But headlong we charged,
headlong we fell,
and headlong we charged again.